Stakeholder Engagement and Evaluation

The organisations stakeholders are those groups of people who have a ‘stake’ in the activity of the organisation; this may be from an internal or external viewpoint.

Stakeholder engagement is the process by which an organisation involves people who may be affected by the decisions it makes or can influence the implementation of its decisions. They may support or oppose the decisions, be influential in the organisation or within the community in which it operates, holds relevant official positions or be affected in the long term.

Organisations engage their stakeholders in dialogue to find out what social and environmental issues matter most to them about their performance in order to improve decision-making and accountability.

Involving stakeholders in decision-making processes can also be used by private and public sector organisations, especially when they want to develop understanding and agree solutions on complex issues or issues of concern and helps inform the feasibility of future developments and ideas.

An underlying principle of stakeholder engagement is that stakeholders have the chance to influence the decision-making process. This differentiates stakeholder engagement from communications processes that seek to issue a message or influence groups to agree with a decision that is already made.

Agreeing on the rules of engagement is integral to the process. It is important for everyone to understand each party’s role.

‘Buy-in’ is essential for success in stakeholder engagement. Every party must have a stake in the process and participating members should have decision-making power. Every party must be committed to the process by ensuring that actions based on the decisions made are legitimate.

No decisions should be made before commencing stakeholder engagement on the issue. It is integral that the dialogue has legitimacy in influencing the decision.

We are specialists in the creation and development of research, evaluation and feasibility reports and  involving stakeholders to inform future decision making. Our team of research, evaluation and feasibility consultants have the experience and knowledge to create research and evaluation of any size and complexity.

Our evaluation team can:-

  • Assess the feasibility of future developments and concepts
  • Inform future marketing and engagement strategies
  • Research and write feasibility report and studies
  • Assess the possible social value and impact of organisations and products
  • Evaluate what is important to an organisations stakeholders
  • Develop positive stakeholder relationships

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