Social Value and Impact

The changing face of society requires organisations to constantly change to ensure that any charity, social enterprise or private business can understand what stakeholders and customers want, what they will buy and how they will react to your organisational change. Its also important for organisations to understand and report their own social value and social impact.

The strength of understanding individual stakeholder groups values can be the difference of success or failure when undergoing organisation change, rebrand, product and service development or new marketing approach.

The research and evaluation of key value indicators for your customers and stakeholder groups, helps you understand the value they place on different aspects of their lives, their actions and your organisation and provides the knowledge to help you develop to meet these values.

Our research can produce a defined list of key value statements which provides the foundations for all future marketing, change and development of the organisation.

All charities, social enterprise and private businesses create impact and in turn this impact creates value, when an organisations aims, objectives or motives consist of social actions or beliefs, the impact and value turns into social value and social impact.

Organisations that have social motives or social outcomes can often be at a disadvantage as profit may not be the sole object as with non socially motivated organisations. Therefore unless the organisation is able to effectively report, promote and market its true social impact and Social value that it creates (rather than just a response to a contract or agreed outcome in place with a funder, commissioner or business) it may not be able to compete in a comparative market place.

Being able to evaluate and market your social value and social impact through evidence based impact can generate income, provide a sustainable relationship with your customers and provide your organisation with a point of difference; these are all foundations for a sustainable business.

Our team of social value and impact  consultants can:-

  • Carry out research and evaluate individual stakeholders values
  • Carry out tailored impact evaluations for funding and feasibility projects
  • Create social pledges and key value indicators to support marketing and promotion
  • Create a tailor made social impact and social value reporting system including toolkits and frameworks
  • Report your social value and social impact through appropriate media
  • Review and evaluate projects and organisational performance
  • Support the marketing of your  social value and social impact
  • Develop robust systems for the ongoing collection and evaluate of data
  • Carry out  social impact audits using SROI, LM3, Wellbeing SAA models

Download our Social Value Impact leaflet or contact our Social Impact and Value team to find out more about our social impact,value and evaluation services. Why not also check out the Social Value Quality Mark at the Social Value Business website

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