Developing income through Fundraising is no longer about shaking a tin in the high street, hoping to generate a few pounds. Fundraising has become increasingly innovative. The governments “Giving White Paper” details new opportunities for Third Sector organisations to generate income such as donations through cash points, through mobile technology and make it easier for individuals and organisation to give to good causes, this coupled with the development of online giving and the creation of new initiatives such as social impact bonds has changed the face of Fundraising forever.

Fundraising is now about informing individuals and businesses of your social value and impact on society and aligning an organisations value to the values of individual or corporate donors to create a long term relationship. It is also relates to the creation of a fair exchange system where the donor receives something in return for their time or money.

Our Make it Happen team of fundraising consultants and specialists are trained and experienced on the large number of fundraising codes organisations need to comply with. Through our partnership working approach we have acted as a fundraising department for our clients which has raised a sizable portion of unrestricted income, to date over 6,000,000.

Make it Happen consultancy can become your Fundraising Department for as little as £350 (plus VAT) a month, this has the added benefits of:

Qualified and experienced fundraisers acting on your behalf.

  • Compliance with the Fundraising Promise.
  • Compliance with the Institute of Fundraising Codes of Practice.
  • Compliance with Charity Law.
  • Up to date information on fundraising best practices.
  • Broad knowledge of funding for Charities, Cooperatives, Social Enterprise and Social Business.
  • Excellent value for money.

We can.

  • Create and organise events
  • Create new innovative methods of fundraising i.e. crowdfunding, social impact bonds
  • Create fundraising strategies and plans
  • Offer mentoring and coaching to fundraising teams

Contact our funding consultants now for a free, no obligation quote.

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