Search and Scope

Our experienced team of professional funding/bid writers have the knowledge, skills and experience to search and select the most appropriate funding bodies for any organisation, having generated over £6,000,000 of grant funding for our clients. Our search reviews and evaluates trusts, Government and European funders, grant giving organisations and companies.  This can be completed on a one off basis or on a regular basis.

Grant Writing (Bids)

We have a dedicated team of bid writing specialist consultants have developed their skills and collectively have over 30 years experience of writing successful applications for small and large grants, from local charitable trusts through to European funders. Successful funding has included capital funds for the purchase and renovation of buildings, including IT and medical equipment, together with revenue for staff and training.

Through our experienced funding/bid writing team, we are able to create successful grant applications and have created the capacity to support any organisation of any size. We have success that is above the industry average using our unique process.  As with all of our services, our approach is tailored to any organisational needs.

Reporting and Evaluation

Gaining funding for strategic projects is essential, however the reporting to funders in future years can be difficult and time consuming. Our fund/bid writers at Make it Happen are able to create internal systems including communication and data collection processes to ensure information required for individuals funders has been collected, demonstrated and can be successfully communicated. We can also provide an evaluation for a project using our ‘Valuing Change’ model that incorporates SROI, LM3, Wellbeing and Stakeholder Value methods – a must for securing further funding and commissioned work.

Funding Strategy

Our experience in writing successful funding applications tell us that it is important to have a clear defined structure and strategic outline for funding to stop organisations getting into the “funding trap”, where organisations become grant dependant. Our funding/bid consultants work with organisations to reduce their reliance on funding to engage with a diverse range of income generation methods in order to enable financial sustainability for the future.

Contact us to find out how our funding and bid writing consultants can help you for as little as £350.

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