Income Generation

Without income there is no profit, without profit there is no sustainability to your organisation as without profit, an organisation cannot invest in organisational change, development, create new products or services and market themselves effectively.

Generating income from a number of different sources can provide an organisation with much needed sustainability in these economic challenging times that can help build and develop a successful organisation for the future.  Focusing on the creation of income generation through trading (business to business or individual), commissioning, (engaging with the public sector), funding (receiving of a grant) and the development of fundraising, (receiving donations) can reduce risk, improve sustainability, develop new markets and create a robust organisation.

Make it Happen’s income generation consultants specialise in the development of income and profit through income and profit diversification. We work with and have in-depth experience in charities, social enterprises and private businesses having supported our clients to generate over £45,000,000 of income. We work closely to understand our client’s ethics and values, culture and vision and through partnership working to create a plan for the creation of new or increased income and profit.

Just a few ways in which we can help:-

  • Develop income generation strategies and plans
  • Write tenders and grant applications
  • Generate income from product and service development
  • Assess and review market opportunities
  • Diverse your income to support organisational sustainability

Contact us to find out more about our income generation support, our consultants can offer or download our Income Generation leaflet.

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