At Make it Happen, we believe that all types of social and ethical businesses should have a commitment to CSR.

This process is embedded into everything that the business does and is reflected in the organisation’s Mission Statement.

The Mission Statement consists of the:

  • Mission – why does the organisation exist?
  • Vision – what is the organisations long term aim?
  • Values – what does the organisation value in its work?
  • Guiding principles – How does the organisation behave?

In order to develop an ethical culture within the organisation it needs to build on the Mission Statement and develop a Code of Ethics, this provides statements of ethical business considerations that the organisation utilises for both internal and external stakeholders.

If a Code of Ethics is to lead the ethical behaviour of an organisation then it needs to be managed, therefore an Ethics Strategy needs to be developed.  The strategy will cover business areas such as:

  • Human Resources – how staff are recruited, managed, rewarded.
  • Risk Management – reputation, social contract, doing the right thing.
  • Brand Differentiation – added value, unique selling point, social impact
  • License to Operate – good corporate citizenship, triple bottom line impact

The most important part of Ethics Management is to be able to account for the ways in which you have achieved your ethics statements and to be able to provide a report to your stakeholders that is transparent, accessible and clearly shows ethical and social value.

Make it Happen can support your organisation to:

  • Develop robust meaningful CSR frameworks and policies
  • Develop a values based Mission Statement
  • Develop a Code of Ethics
  • Design and produce an Ethics Management Programme.
  • Develop frameworks for ethical and social value accounting
  • Support ethical recruitment and HR processes

We have a range of consultants that are qualified to Masters Level in Social Enterprise Management, are CIPD qualified and are specialist business ethics advisors.

Contact us to discuss your CSR needs with our CSR consultants and arrange a free consultation.

Download our Corporate Social Responsibility services leaflet.

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