Awards for All: A little bit of help …..

I had the lovely opportunity of meeting with the Big Lottery this week, they were very helpful in providing tips for completing Awards for All applications, most applications fail due to the lack of evidence of need shown, one way of improving your application is to ensure you include the following:


a Consultation – how many people have you consulted with and what came out of that consultation – have you considered all stakeholders?

a Analysis – is there a gap in service provision, let us know what that gap is and how your project will contribute towards filling it.

a Statistics – National and local statistics to prove the need, don’t forget to include the date and source.

a Strategies – How does your project fit in with local and national strategues.

a Evaluation – How can you evaluate the project and ensure that learning can be shared.


Big Lottery have also produced a You Tube clip showing you how to apply to Awards for All, you can find it here:


Big are encouraging people to apply for Awards for All as there has been a drop in applications over the last six months – so get your applications over to them as soon as you can!

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