£2 Million Reducing Pressure in Hospitals Fund Launched

A new £2 Million fund to help reduce the number of older people being taken to hospital has been announced.

The scheme aims to reduce pressure on hospitals in England via reductions in older people’s A&E attendance, emergency admissions to hospital, delayed discharges from hospital, emergency readmission to hospital and improved patient experience.

The £2 million scheme will fund services that use social action to help older people stay well, manage their conditions or recover from illness or injury, and thereby reduce pressure on hospitals.

Projects based in hospitals and/or in the community from joint proposals from VCSEs and statutory sector partners are welcomed, the average grant size is likely to be approximately £200,000, and in exceptional cases up to £400,000.

The objective is to scale up and robustly test a small number of social action services over winter 2014/15, with a view to mainstreaming successful interventions. By March 2015, each project funded should have:

  1. Made an impact in its local area/hospital over winter 2014/15.
  2. Developed a robust evidence base on its effectiveness.
  3. Laid the foundations for the service to continue and grow on a long-term, mainstream basis.

The SIB group are interested in funding projects that:

  • Are building on an existing service or existing set-up work, for instance by scaling up the service to reach a larger group of people or operate across a larger geography.
  • Are building on services with some promising indication of impact, or are innovations with a well-evidenced hypothesis for why such a service should work.
  • Are innovations or are building on small-scale existing services, and therefore have significant potential to be scaled up.
  • Involve volunteers as a core element for delivery.

Money should be used primarily to fund revenue costs, with no expenditure on capital items with a value in excess of £5,000.

The first tranche of money will go out in July 2014. All money is to be spent by the end of March 2015.

The deadline for applications is 13 June 2014.

Further information is available on the SIB website here

Source: The SIB Group 23/04/2014

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