Geoff Kennedy

Geoff Kennedy has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in assisting business development & growth, as a business consultant, mentor or coach. His approach is based upon Customer empathy, putting the customer’s needs and experiences at the heart of your business and engaging people and process to focus on delivering real value.

He Builds efficient teams who are focussed, measured and work well too deliver in a efficient and pleasant working environment.In a recent engagement, Geoff worked with a charitable organisation projecting a significant short term loss, as a team we engaged at all levels, focussed on the job in hand and implemented a leadership program, continuous development of the workforce, improved communications and implemented measureable and achievable targets that are regularly reviewed. Not only did we return a significant profit, our funders saw the improvement and offered more work, we noticed several soft business benefits, labour turnover reduced to almost nothing, staff absence was cut by 50%, and the company is a nice place to work. No Need for redundancies and their future looks great. In this instance the charity took control of its destiny, achieved more value for less activity and the customers feel they get a great service, this feedback was offered to the Funders who rate the company amongst its top service providers.

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